Solar-1Grid Tied Solar Panels

Syracuse Solar and Wind of Central New York are certified by  NABCEP (North American Board Certified Energy Practitioners), and NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Agency).  This allows us to deliver our customers  the highest quality of solar installation and it allows us to aquire NYSERDA grants for our customers.

Grid tied solar systems do not require batteries.   All power generated by your solar panels are net metered.   In a net metered solar and wind system all the solar powered energy produced by your solar panels is sent to a device called an inverter.  The inverter changes the electricity from direct current to alternating current.  All home appliances in the United states run on of alternating current.   The inverter then modulates its output to match the frequency to utilities electricity.   The inverter then directs the power to your homes load center (breaker box), where it can be distributed to where ever you need it.   Any additional solar power above and beyond your demand is sent back through a bi-directional meter.   The meter keeps track of power both coming into your home from the utility and how much electricity is being sent back to the grid.

Off Grid Solar Panels

Living off the grid is a romantic idea for many, that is only achieved by a few.   Off grid solar systems require a generous amount of planning and design.   Creating a solar system with batteries that will produce enough power for your home even in the darkest part of winter is something that we take serious.

Off grid solar systems are not eligible for NYSERDA or New York State Solar tax Credit.

AC Coupled Solar Panels

AC Coupled solar panel systems are a combination of grid tied and off grid solar systems.   The base design of the solar system is significantly different from the grid tied solar system in that batteries are incorporated into the system in a manor to power the home when the utility cant supply power.   We discuss the difference and explain AC couple systems in a separate section.

Solar Heating

The past winter was exceptionally cold and expensive for those living in Central New York.  Syracuse residents that heat with natural gas, propane, electricity and heating oil saw a significant increase in your monthly bills.   Let us install one of our solar hot air systems and you will start saving thousands in heating cost.

Solar Hot Water

Syracuse Solar and Wind installs Solar Thermal systems in Syracuse and around Central New York.  Solar hot water systems perform amazingly well for both commercial and residential use.  These systems qualify for grants, and tax credits both personally and commercially.   These system are great for any person who uses a lot of hot water.

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Zero, Down Ownership plans, No Payments and No Interest for up to 18 months.

Syracuse Solar Wind Solar Power Solar Panels Installation


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Syracuse Solar and Wind Professional Installers of solar panels servicing all of New York. We are NABCEP certified and NYSERDA approved solar panel installers since 2003. We guarantee that we can meet or beat any competitors prices.
Syracuse Solar and Wind offers great financing plans for installing solar panels on your home or business including plans for customers that do not have a large down payment. We can use your NYSERDA Grant for your down payment and spread out the payments for up to 20 years. Syracuse Solar and Wind completes solar installations all over the state. We have systems in Fayettville, Liverpool, North Syracuse, Cicero, Oswego, Cazenovia, Camillius, Syracuse, Baldwinsville, Solvay, Weedsport and as far as Kingston and Dunkirk NY. Experience in residential, commercial and municipal solar installation including flat roofs to glued on solar panels.